Polar Zoo

Welcome to the Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Center - the world's northernmost zoo! With us you can meet wolves, brown bear, lynx, musk, moose, deer and reindeer - either in accordance with our two-legged animal passers or on their own. Each season has its charm, we are open all year long and welcome you with sincere Northern Norwegian hospitality.

Close contact with the wilderness life

The animals 'welfare and well-being are our most important focus in Polar Park, and our goal is to give our guests an authentic natural experience on the animals' premises. By having large natural enclosures, the animals stimulate their need for activity, the park covers an area of ​​1100 goals - equivalent to 108 football pitches. Few other parks have as large a space per animal, and it gives Polar Park the characteristic wilderness scene.

We are beautifully located in Salangsdalen in Bardu municipality, 72 km north of Narvik and 184 km south of Tromsø. Rohkunborri National Park is only 12 km from Polar Park which is the national park information point and offers a variety of hiking opportunities for those who wish to spend some time with us.

A park with many experiences

Besides walking around the park and experiencing the animals there are many other offers that you can use in the park during the high season. Wildlife guiding, play areas or zip-line are some examples, we have one of Norway's longest zipline on dizzying 600 meters - that lets you hover over gauper, wolf and deer. We also have a short zip line for those who are not so daring, who are on 90 meters and stretch over Salangselven.

You can choose to join the carnivores of the predators, where you can experience lynx, wolf and bear close up. You can also book a private tour if you want a tailor made experience in the park.


Many choose to stay over several days as we have their own parking space for motorhomes and caravans. Then you will have time for several days to fish in the river that flows right through the park or grill at the barbecue areas set in the park's areas.

If you feel more like enjoying a good meal indoors, visit our cozy restaurant located at the entrance to the park. It is also possible to reserve our log cabin, which can accomodate 45 guests for dinner events. The log cabin is furnished with stylish wooden tables and seating in the form of shelves covered with reindeer skin. In the center of Tømmerhytta we have a bonfire place that adds an extra touch to the experience. Here you can enjoy specially ordered dinners and a wide range of beverages, according to taste and pleasure.

For more information, prices and booking, visit Polarpark.no

Polar Zoo