How do I get there?

Check directions HERE.

How far is it?

  • 20 km to Efjord
  • 40 km to Narvik
  • 200 km to Bodø
  • 40 km to Stetind
  • 290 km Tromsø
  • 40 km Fergave Skarberget
  • 59 km Fergeleiet Kjøpsvik-Drag
  • 170 km Svolvær

Do you have a reservation?

Call tel. 76 92 76 90 for ordering

Where can I find contact information?

Contact information for us can be found here.

What is the opening hours for the pool?

The pool is only open when it is summer. We will return with specific opening hours when that time comes.

Do all cabins have their own bathroom?

Some of our cabins have shower and toilet. The other cabins have access to the sanitary facilities. See HERE for more information.

How are parking possibilities?

There is parking space next to each cottage.

Do you accept larger groups?

Yes we do! Please contact 76927690 for further details.

Can you have animals in the cabins?

Yes it is possible to bring animals. Animals must be placed in cages when they are in the cabin. It is estimated that 250 kr is extra for cleaning when you have animals in the cabin.

Where do I buy ski passes?

Contact Narvikfjellet

Can I reserve for the next Easter already?

YES, you can do that. Just use our online booking.

What opening hours does the reception have?

We currently have 01.06-31.08 staffed reception. Then we'll hit between 08.00-22.00. Do you come outside these times we are hit on phone + 47 769 27690

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