The boat driver's license

The boat driver's license is a certificate that allows you to drive Norwegian leisure boats up to 15 meters long (49,21 feet), within Norway's borders.

Who must have a boat driver's license

All persons who were born on 1.1.1980 January 25 or later and who are to lead a boat with more than 8 hp or more than XNUMX meters in length. If you are going to drive a boat abroad, we recommend everyone, regardless of age, to have a boat driver's license, as many countries require an international boat driver's license (ICC) where a standard boat driver's license is part of the requirement.

Who does not need a boat driver's license in Norway

Persons born before 1980 are exempt from the requirement for a boat driver's license. They can lead boats up to 15 meters without having to show a qualification certificate. We still recommend everyone to take the boat driver test to increase the knowledge related to navigation, sea marks and good seamanship.

What age limits apply to piloting recreational boats in Norway

If you are under 16, you can sail the following recreational boats:

  • Length up to 8 meters (26,25 feet)
  • Maximum 10 horsepower (7,5 kw)
  • Maximum speed 10 knots (18,5 km / h)

From the age of 16, you can drive the following leisure boats without a boat driver's license:

  • Length up to 8 meters (26,25 feet)
  • Maximum 25 horsepower (19 kw)

You can take the boat driver test from the age of 14, but you will not be issued a boat driver's certificate until you are 16 years old. With a boat driver's license, you can lead recreational boats up to 15 meters (49,21 feet) without further restrictions.